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About Decent Work

The Fund will promote the decent work agenda and foster the tripartite dialogue. By improving this dialogue the social partners in each country, will better contribute to a more sustainable economic and social development.

The programmes will also increase the bilateral cooperation with Norwegian partners.

If you are a social partner, public authority or an organisation of public authority with regular activities related to decent work and/or tripartite cooperation constituted as legal entities in the Beneficiary States or Norway, you can apply to the Fond.

Norwegian applicants meeting the formal requirements are also eligible, but only in partnership with legal entities in the Beneficiary States.

The Fund for Decent Work and Tripartite Dialogue was launched October 20th 2011 (applications will be accepted from February 6 when the electronic application form is available) within the following two main areas/priorities:

- Improved social dialogue and tripartite dialogue structures and practices
- Enhanced understanding of the benefits of decent work

Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein will through an agreement with the Europan Commission make available EUR 1.79 billion to projects that contribute to social and economic development in the 15 EU member states in Central and Southern Europe, more info on the EEA Grants – Norway Grants and
The grant rate for project financing from the fund shall not exceed 90% of eligible total project costs. The minimum and maximum amount of grant is between EUR 20 000 – 400 000. Man-hour contribution from the Project Promoter and Partners will be accepted as cash contribution.

Projects must be finished by 31 December 2014 with a maximum duration of 24 months.